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A journey of 10,000 miles begins with a single step. Take yours today.  We are invested in your success and you WILL succeed if you are as committed as we are to improving your life.

It’s becoming increasingly apparent that the key to enjoying a healthy life is in maintaining a solid nutrition program, keeping stress to a minimum, getting adequate sleep and maintaining a grateful and positive attitude. Most clinicians know this but find it extraordinarily difficult to help patients change those habits.

Let’s take back your health together – come join us!

At CrossFit Launchpad we have 2 tracks for getting started on your fitness and health voyage.

CrossFit Launchpad Mainstream

People of any age and ability can drop in and attend a group class. Most newbies will benefit from 3-6 private sessions to learn the movements in a personalized environment. Some of our athletes have been CrossFitting for years and we want you to have a fair chance to learn safely before we add the intensity of a group class. When you sign up for the on-ramp course you get unlimited group classes for the rest of the month for free.

CrossFit Launchpad Health Track

With our backgrounds in medicine, life coaching, psychology, nutrition and competitive sports, we are uniquely suited to guide you in your battle against chronic disease. Whether you have high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, arthritis, osteoporosis, depression or are simply low on energy and overweight, we have a plan that will change your life. (While we prefer to get to know you in person, virtual sessions are available for those at a great distance.) Get an initial set of labs and other health metrics, let us coach you for 3 months, then retest the health measures and see the transformation.

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