Back to the basics!

Nutrition can be confusing. There is a LOT of information out there. You may be thinking… “Yea, but what is best for me? And where do I start?”

We all have different goals, body types, lifestyles, and tolerances.  BUT, there are a handful of key guidelines that we ALL can benefit from as a starting point.  We can build from this foundation.

Eat Real Food.

Not Too Much.

Mostly Plants.

Michael Pollen, author, says it well: “Real food was once alive and doesn’t come from a box or container. If it has a long shelf life it is a man-made, edible, food-like substance – not food.”

Not too much: this varies by individual (come find a coach for help!), but think roughly 3-4 meals a day.

Mostly plants means just this! Try to get vegetables at each meal and on most of your plate. Then the protein and starch and fat can be added.

A real whole-food approach to food will start you on your path to balanced nutrition and wellness!

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